Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yes, i am, i admit it, i have abandoned my blog! How shameful!
In my defence, these past few months have been some of you might know (my 4 favourite and only readers) i have relocated to the othe side of the world, yes, i'm in the US of A now, and it's been a helluva ride. Talk about emotional rollecoasters!
It was exactly two weeks from the minute i recieved the phone call telling me i got the visa till the minute i unpacked my bag in my new place in Hollywood! (yep, that's where i am)..two weeks, that's all it took to change my life completely, one phone call, one decision. It's amazing, isn't it? Ah, it was insane, really, and the insanity didn't stop there, i landed in LAX on the night of June the 21st and i headed to the tiny..ahem..hostel :) that i had booked a few nights in, i had to get some sleep because the first dy of school was in about 12 HOURS! Yes ladies and gentlemen i had flown across an ocean for about 15 hours to wake up the next day and go to school! Eh..well, i won't bore with the rest of the details about the hunt for apartments, the eally helpful people i met who i wouldn't have survived the first few weeks without, the amazing twists of events that led me to my current residence, how many times i got lost in this strange city that is LA.
When i look back to these first few weeks and it's almost surreal, these few weeks had events in them that would, in usual cases be carried out on the course of months.
But to be completely honest, it was worht it, just the massive change and the big shake up my life needed are worth it.
I'll keep it short this time but i promise i'll bring you up to speed to the many things i've seen so far.
Leave you with a little animated piece that was one of my 2d projects here, rushed but came out pretty decent for the limited time, hope you like it :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fed Up

... of these two, i just want to get them out of my face!
Ouf, what a day. If i commited suicide in the upcoming days it would be because of natural preservations!(warning..RANT AHEAD)
Weird, right ?! well it's the project i'm working on. Imagine somthing so beautiful, peacful, sereeeene, calm and DRIVING YOU CRAZY!
The story goes back to last December (has it been that long?!yikes) Our agency was approached to do a big project for Parks Egypt which is the sector that organizes all of the natural preservations in Egypt, brochures, logo redesigns, leaflets, maps, stickers etc. for a while it was good, made some beautiful work and everyone was like..waaaaaw (ya3ni 'wow') allaaaah, gameeela 7'ales and all that crap. Then things started to get ugly with the text editing of the leaflets and brochures,lemme just say that i HATE text editing, i hate typing i hate the whole process of fitting text in places imagine ba2a doing it over and over and OVER again! After you're done with the english text do the same process for the Arabic, the joy of being Bilingual! AAAAAA...frustration, meanwhile there's other work coming in from all sides do this do that a flyer a poster a whatever...YIKES, thats not what i thought advertising was like, thats advertising gone bad!I felt like an air host(ess) taking all the crap from people and smiling :)
Things i hear everyday 'can you just move the headline an itsy bit up...can you check the spacing looks on the left side text,it's a bit weird... there's a space missing here, theres an extra space here, ooops, you need to cpaitalize that word...on second thought,no, don't capitilize it...ooops, you'll have to do them all over again!...sorry...sorry...i'm sorreeee ( that last bit was when i imagined i was choking her)'
I love my job..i love my job ..i love my job (grinding teeth)
That's all.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Hey y'all, since last posts' title was black and white, i thougt this post i should splash some colour. This was an old project, one of my first when i started work in advertising, it was for a short lived programme on Nile FM called The Money Maze.
The characters were supposed to be ghouls and ghosts but in a cute way ala ghostbusters. I had fun at the beginning creating the whole thing but then i got into the changes, amends and i just wanted the damned thing to get out of my face! (anger outburst sorry..heheee).
In other news, i'm trying to update my blogs look and adding links if you hadn't noticed. Some art related some friend related some just fun to read.
Glad you enjoyed Shakira ya Juka and Lou kaman :)
Operon...all i can say is rabena ma3aak. (if you wanna know why check out his blog enteries about his life as a doctor you'll find it under links 'the thoughts of someone different')
By the way, i'm posting from work and it's a NATIONAL HOLIDAY, so, i'm pissed!

A quick update for the very special Sou :)
miss your posts! Begad! you last one was cryptic, what's up ? Get back into your blogging shoes!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Black and White

Hello hello! Forgive the dull images..i'm posting for the sake of posting, just proving to myself i do things other than work!
Basically, these images were scribbled on Photoshop in not more than 30 minutes, no editing no eraser tool, nothing!
In other news i've just seen 300! Yep, last night while everyone was at the Shakira concert or talking about going to the Shakira concert or just talking about concerts and Shakira i was enjoying my time with the 300 Spartans spilling blood all over the screen in slow motion. A beautiful picture (if you don't mind decapitations and amputations , blood flying everywhere and there's PLENTY of that!) it's almost like a moving painting, beautiful colours and cinematography. Pretty light on plot..persians attack, spartans block but still it's immensely enjoyable. I safely recommend it to anyone, but girls.. be warned, a couple of girls in the next row were going "EWWWWW" every two seconds. All in All...Pure testosterone for Everyone! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Just a few old sketches, splashed some colour and textures. What a boring day!
What really cheers me up is reading your comments guyz an' galz :) Everytime i read a comment that says 'different than your style' i feel really glad, my goal as long as i can remember was to not stick to style, i feel there's a wealth of stuff out there it would be a shame not to explore it just for the sake of sticking to a style. What i do is, i use every style in my own way, make it personal my own, what do you think ? am i right ?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sketch of the day

...and it's another recurring character/theme that's been with me for a while now, his name is the Seeker and he has a story which hasn't been set in stone yet but it's slowly materializing over the years, yes, that's right ..years!
In other news.. just heard that 300 is gonna be unleashed upon our theatres in Egypt on March 23, that date couldn't possibly come soon enough, the geek within is getting restless :) it's already a major hit States side. To those of you precious readers who have no idea what 300 is click here

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A place

Yo people! Long time no see, and it's my fault, i've been swamped with stuff to do running around in circles.
This is the sanctuary, i drew at a time when i felt i was completely lost, i thought i needed a place like this to find my way again.
Enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Hey people, some tired/depressed guyz for you.
Goodluck Juka with your finals :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Two kidz and a babe

Slow day at work (for a change,not complaining,bliss) I have no idea how these guys came together, my brain must be malfunctioning.What i'm sure is that she's a bad influence, then again she might be baby sitting..and she got hot..maybe :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Before bed

Hey everyone, just a quick post before i head to bed, i'm ryhming now hehee, head to bed, okay, what ? no..who STOP okay ?!
I'm seriously tired, nighty night.